2019 - 2020

season 2019 - 2020

26th Season
Plenty of prizes as always!

The Rules

Creating your team

REMEMBER: Your total team value must be a minimum of £45m and a maximum of £50m and all entry forms and changes must be submitted before kick of time of the first saturday of the season.

Select a team of 11 players with a collective minimum value of £45m and a maximum of £50m. Your team must consist of 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers. There is no limit to the number of players you select from the same team. Your selection and 25 euros entry fee must be submitted to an authorised collection point before kick of time of the first saturday of the season. NO ENTRIES will be accepted later.

Transfers will not be permitted after 4pm on the first Saturday of the season.

All queries are welcome. ORGANISERS DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL. For Fantasy League Info contact ERIC on 696 075 632

Scoring points:

The points will be allocated as below and calculated once per week. Your score and position will be updated on the website. Premier League, F.A. Cup and F.A. Cup replays games only count.

  • Appearance (Full Match): + 2
  • Appearance (Part Match): + 1
  • Goal Scored: + 5
  • Key Contribution to goal (including own goal): + 3
  • Clean Sheet (GK/DEF) Full Match: + 4
  • Clean Sheet (GK/DEF) Part Match: + 2
  • Keeper save ANY Penalty: + 5
  • Penalty Miss (including FA Cup Shoot-out): - 5
  • Sent Off: - 5
  • Booked: - 2
  • Own Goal: - 3
  • Goal Conceded (GK/DEF) Excluding Shoot-Out: - 1

The Golden Boot League Rules - ONLY GOALS AND OWN GOALS Will count.

  • Defenders and Goalkeepers: 10 Points.
  • Midfielders: 7 Points. Plus points or minus points for own goals.
  • Strikers: 5 Points.
These points will be automatically entered into the Golden Boot league as players score their AFFL Teams in the course of the season. No other points will be available as in the main league (i.e. assists, yellow and/or red cards, etc... will NOT count or be considered). So any entered team in the AFFL will have another chance to win a prize in this separate league should that team get the ball into the back of the net!! GOOD LUCK everyone!!
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